Matthew Mullenax, Executive Director
Email: mmullenax@hepmpo.net

Steve Thomas, Transportation Planner

Email: sthomas@hepmpo.net

Our Team

Jennifer Wishmyer, Assistant Director

Email: jwishmyer@region9wv.com

The HEPMPO’s mission is to provide a cooperative forum for regional collaboration, planning and public decision-making for short and long-term solutions that support mobility needs, economic development, environmental sensitivities, and multimodal connectivity for a safe, secure and efficient transportation system.

Matthew Pennington, Environmental Program Coordinator

Email: mpennington@region9wv.com

The Council exists to assist local governments in resolving their common problems, engage in area-wide comprehensive and functional planning, identify, apply for, and administer certain federal and state grants, and provide a regional focus in regard to multiple programs undertaken on an area-wide basis. 

Chesapeake Bay

Bill Clark, Executive Director

Email: bclark@region9wv.com

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Our Mission

The Chesapeake Watershed & Air Quality Initiative is a public education and outreach program developed through the Region 9 Eastern Panhandle Regional Planning and Development Council to help reduce air pollution in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, as well as keep the Chesapeake Bay watershed safe and clean.