Stormwater 101 Information & Worksheets

Please find the information provided at Stormwater 101 Workshop below.  If your organization is interested in scheduling a workshop please contact the Region 9 Chesapeake Bay Coordinator, Matthew Pennington at

SWM101 Hydrologic Soil Group and Impervious Surface Map

Use the link above and the following steps to determine which soil class your property contains: 

1. Type your home address in the space provided located in the upper right portion.

2. When the map zooms to your address click the colored portion to bring up hydrosoil group.  It will be on of the following letters (A, B, C, D, A/D, B/D).

Use the link above and the following steps to determine your how much impervious surface area your property contains:

1. Type your home address in the space provided located in the upper right portion. 

2. When the map zooms to your address use the MEASURE tool to trace a polygon around your desired area. 


TR-55 Worksheets

Use the link above to download worksheets used at the SWM101 workshop. 

One-Inch Capture Calculator

Use this spread sheet to input your property's measurements to determine how much storage is needed to meet the one inch capture. 

Stormwater Management Matrix  

The Stormwater Management Matrix was established to track communities' progress with various regulative, outreach, and incentive based initiatives throughout the Eastern Panhandle. To find out how your community is improving water quality, click the link above.

Region 9 Model Stormwater Ordinance

Eastern Panhandle Lawn Care Improvement

Our local streams and groundwater suffer from many types of pollution.  Local homeowners can make major contributions toward reducing a number of these pollutants.  Cleaner drinking water will benefit the health of local residents while cleaner streams will provide a healthier environment for recreational purposes like fishing and boating.  For more information on ways to reduce pollutants in your lawn and garden please click here.

What's My Watershed?

Several watershed groups are very active in the Panhandle.  They are always looking for new members and even offer incentives for property owners located with the watershed boundary.  To find out what programs you may be eligible for simply click here and type your home address in the space provided. When the map zooms to your address click the colored portion to bring up information on the watershed where you're located. 

Bolivar Rain Garden Project


 On October 5th, 2013 the Region 9 Chesapeake Bay Coordinator in partnership with the Town of Bolivar led a rain garden workshop in Bolivar’s Community Park. Approximately 15 community members from the eastern panhandle participated in the workshop.

Click here to view a short video of the event.