Rhonda Monroe, CEDS Resiliency Coordinator

Email: rmonroe@region9wv.com

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Jennifer Wishmyer, Assistant Director

Email: jwishmyer@region9wv.com

The Chesapeake Watershed & Air Quality Initiative is a public education and outreach program developed through the Region 9 Eastern Panhandle Regional Planning and Development Council to help reduce air pollution in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, as well as keep the Chesapeake Bay watershed safe and clean.


Matthew Mullenax, Executive Director
Email: mmullenax@hepmpo.net

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Bill Clark, Executive Director

Email: bclark@region9wv.com

The HEPMPO’s mission is to provide a cooperative forum for regional collaboration, planning and public decision-making for short and long-term solutions that support mobility needs, economic development, environmental sensitivities, and multimodal connectivity for a safe, secure and efficient transportation system.

The Council exists to assist local governments in resolving their common problems, engage in area-wide comprehensive and functional planning, identify, apply for, and administer certain federal and state grants, and provide a regional focus in regard to multiple programs undertaken on an area-wide basis. 

Matthew Pennington, Environmental Program Coordinator

Email: mpennington@region9wv.com

Chesapeake Bay

Kevin Donohue, Transportation Planner

Email:  kdonohue@hepmpo.net